Buffalo Plaid

Be YOU Bravely..

Happy Sunday, Everyone!! As always, hope you guys had a wonderful weekend. Saturday was pretty chill for me, I worked on my website ( and did some admin stuff for my business. Today was pretty eventful, went to church, had a mini photo shoot of my diy skirt, and a date with the hubs. :D We went to Sky Zone for the first time and then lunch at Asia Nine. 

Since we started attending our new church (CLC), they've been doing a series on EXODUS.. Today they preached on Exodus 32. The chapter spoke about Idolatry, how the Israelites messed up and created an Idol (the golden calf) and how Moses had to interceded for them. This chapter made think about things that I might have made an idol in my life... I just thank God for his mercies and forgiveness.. 

The Outfit.. The top was purchased while I was in Greece. It's actually a cropped top. I loved it because of the color and the print of the fabric, called Buffalo Plaid. Hubs calls it the Lumberjack print. Either way, it's super cute.
The skirt is a DIY, which I've made several times, just not in Shantung fabric. See Here (tutorial), Here, & Here. I love this fabric so much because it made the skirt looks so formal and classy. I chose black because out of all the skirts in my closet, I don't own a simple black gathered skirt, so I made one. :) The skirt is perfect for any season of the year and also easy enough for beginners to make. 

Pictures by Olumaechi

Top: BSB
Skirt: DIY (Fabric: Black Shantung)
Shoes: JustFab


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