About Me

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"God's Gift to us is more Talent and Ability than we'll ever Hope to use in our Lifetime.

Our Gift to God is to Develop as much of that Talent and Ability as we can in our Lifetime." 
- Steve Bow
I remember, at a younger age, watching my mother begin her sewing journey. I enjoyed following her to sewing class and watching her creativity. One of her projects was to make an outfit for my sister and I, which she made a tradition attire (Iro and Buda) using a Nigerian fabric called Aso-Ofi. I loved showing her work off to my friends, and how proud I was that my mother made me an outfit. This encouraged me to learn how to hand-sew at the age of 8, but unfortunately it ended there. In 2011, the passion to re-learn how to sew, create, and design came back. I searched for and compared sewing classes, and by May of 2012, I began my first class as a sewing/fashion student.

Sewing is another way for me to express my creativity and bring my ideas to life. My style/design is simple, modern, and classy. I am heavily inspired by Corporate style with an African twist. I enjoy working with prints, especially the African Print called Ankara.” My future goal is to create a brand that not only represents the Modern Man or Woman, but a brand that works to create contemporary designs that any person would enjoy wearing. 

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