Travel: N I G E R I A 2014

A little bit over 2 weeks ago, I lost my dad..... Still not ready to talk about it yet, but it is well. The purpose of this blog post is to share a few "sewing related" pictures with you that I took while I was in Nigeria for my dad's funeral. We had to find a tailor/seamstress that can sew our clothes, for the funeral, in ONE DAY. My sisters and I went to Gbagi Market in search of a seamstress and found the amazing lady in the picture above. She literally made 5 outfits (3 adult women and 2 girls) in just a few hours. She did use her assistants, but I was still amazed of how quickly she finished.

Below are pictures of the serger she has in her outdoor shop. Yes, she sews outside.. lucky her. :)

Powering up the serger with the generator.. They ended up not using the serger because the power from the generator was too low to power it up.

Minus my brother's outfit (which was made by another amazing tailor), the seamstress pictured above made all our outfits in the picture below.

Guipure Lace Heaven

On our very last day in Nigeria, we decided to go to Balogun Market to purchase some things. And you already know, the only thing I was looking for is fabric (Guipure Lace to be specific). But unfortunately for me, I only have money left to buy 3.5 yards of fabric so I bought 3 yards of the "Red Leaves" Lace and 1/2 a yard (that's all they have left) of a Cobalt Blue Lace. At the market, the Laces cost N4000 per yard, which is like $25 per yard. Great price compared to what I've seen elsewhere. 

Below is the banner that was hung outside of my dad's house in Ibadan. This was hung and posters where distributed around the neighborhood so that people will know that he had passed away and to inform them about the Fidau Prayer.  

The Children, missing one.

Other Pictures from the Trip.. 
(Hotel, Neighborhood, Cold Stone, Domino's Pizza, Police Truck, Taxi, Condos, Toll Booth..)


  1. Beautiful pictures. Your outfits are lovely--and made so fast. My condolences on losing your father. I wish you peace and comfort.

  2. Yetunde, I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you so much for posting the story of your trip home and for posting all the beautiful photos.

  3. I loved this post. Beautiful!!! Sorry about your dad Ye. Hope God can fill your heart. Also, I would have assumed that fabric in Africa would be cheaper there. That's crazy expensive.

    1. Thank you so much, Tab!

      I know right.. I think it's just these particular type of lace that's expensive. Some were even selling it for almost $50 per yard. And that's still even cheaper than what I seen online. They run between $50 to like $300 per yard. Crazy right?

  4. Sorry for your loss... I can't even begin to imagine how you feel, but like you said, It is well! God knows best. May He comfort you now and always.

    Thanks for sharing. Stay strong.


  5. Beautiful Pictures. My condolences on loosing your dad, May God grant you the fortitude to bear the loss.I know what it feels like loosing one's dad; lost mine about 2 years ago. It hurts


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