Kente Off-Shoulder

Hi Loves!! Hope you guys had a wonderful week. Sorry I've been quiet for a couple of weeks.. I'm currently recovering from a major surgery (Myomectomy), to remove some fibroids I've had for over 5 years. I'm doing and getting better each day, I'm just glad that the surgery is over and I can go back to being ME! Healthy Me! Fibroid is something that A LOT of women have and some don't like to talk about it.. But thanks to the women that have shared their experiences so others can learn about and be prepared to deal with their Fibroid. If anyone wants to talk or have any questions about Fibroids, Myomectomy, or anything else, feel free to reach out to me.

Moving on to the colorful top I'm wearing... The top is quick and easy to make, with no patterns needed. The fabric was a gift from my sister, when she traveled to Ghana. I've had it for a couple of years now not knowing what to make with it.

Off-Shoulder D.I.Y

You will need the following..
Measuring Tape
Pins + Safety Pin


  • Width: Bust multiply by 3, divided by 2
  • Length: Desired length plus hem allowance, and elastic casing allowance
  • I cut this piece into two so that I can have 2 seam allowances (one on each side)
  • Width: Measure the circumference of your arm and multi by 2
  • Length: Desired sleeve length plus hem allowance, and elastic casing allowance

Sew all the pieces together along the seams, hem the top and sleeves, and add the elastic.
Once done, you should have 3 pieces (1 bodice and 2 sleeves). You can then tack the sleeves to the bodice at the side seams. 

Thank you for stopping by..

xo, Yetunde.

Box Braids: c/o London's Beautii 
Sunnies & Earrings: Wantable
Clutch Purse: Aldo
Top: DIY


  1. Great use for your gorgeous vivid fabric. Beautiful on you and the white pants really set it off. Love your braids!

  2. Gorgeous top, it's such a perfect use for a border print!

  3. Beautiful pictures, beautiful top. You look great! I wish you a speedy recovery.

  4. Glad you're feeling better! I had a myomectomy in June and was really impressed with the recovery! It's only when you start to talk about it that you realize that a lot of women have gone through it! LOVE the Kente! #ghanapower lol :)

  5. Very Nice looking Dress,, Get special hair,, Get here


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