Hello November!

OOTD: Peplum Jacket
Patter Review HERE

Hello Everyone and Happy New Month!!! Are you excited about November as much as I am? Lol Probably not.. I think I'm more excited because I know it's almost my birthday, well kinda. December is my birthday month.. Whoop! I have no plans yet tho.. It's actually hard to be excited about this birthday because it'll be my first birthday without my Dad. I'm so used to him calling me 1st thing in the morning on my birthday asking me what I'm doing for my birthday.. This year he won't be calling me., but it's all good. I'm thankful to be turning 32 next month and I'll definitely make the best of it.

Now back to why I'm excited about November.. I got a VIP invite to Boulevard of Chic's Fashion Truck Rally on November 8th. I'm excited because it's my first Fashion Truck Rally (heard some great things about it) and I can't wait to do some shopping!!! If you're in the Baltimore area, you should come out and support your local boutiques. I'm also excited because I'm going to be in New Jersey and Tennessee this month!! I love Road Trips.. 

Anyway, I just wanted to share my first November outfit of the day with you. I made the peplum jacket almost a year ago and did a pattern review HERE. The jacket is one of my best work yet. It required A LOT of patience. Outfit details below.. Enjoy!

Here is my First Lady / politician wave.. LOL

Jacket: DIY - V8866 (Pattern Review) || Jeans: Target || Clutch: Local Boutique || Shoes: Burlington

As always, thank you for stopping by..

XOX, Ye..


  1. That's a royal wave, LOL
    This is the mother of all peplum jackets, the flare is so full and lush !

  2. I love the clean lines of this dress! I also love the yoke. It gives a really tailored/professional look to the dress which is a plus for a beginner sewer because it's easy & looks ahh-maxing!! I'd love to have this pattern because it could review it's diversity from a tall girls point of view. :)

  3. Great mix of fabrics! That deserves a wave :)


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