Richmond is for Eaters

Travel: Richmond, VA

Virginia is for LOVERS,
Richmond is for Eaters! 

Hi everyone! Warning! You're about to see A LOT of beautiful pictures of Richmond. All through the eyes of my iPhone 5s. Minus the quality of some of the pics (which was beyond my control. Lol), I took some pretty cool shots. My brother, Tunji Sarumi Photography, would be proud. :D. 

Moving on, so for the longest, I've been trying to visit Richmond but never had a reason to until one of my friends bought a house there. Since then, he has been talking about how great Richmond is and why Ola and I need to move there. I think he was secretly getting paid, by the city of Richmond, to sell the city or something. Lol. Anyways, we finally gave in and a couple of weeks ago, we decided check out this city my friend spoke so highly of. 

The drive was only two and a half hours long from Maryland, so we decided to drive there and back the same day. When we got there, my friend and his beau had already planned out the day. We wanted to see what Richmond aka RVA was really about and that's exactly what we saw. Richmond is absolutely Beautiful! And the people there are nice!, which is pro to me. While we were there we went to this beautiful park called Maymont. OMG! If I live in RVA, I'll be at Maymont everyday. That place was full of culture, art, and inspiration. After Maymont, we went to dinner at The Continental Westhampton (they have the best Mac and Cheese) and then walked down Carytown. Another thing I loved about RVA was the architecture. Most of the buildings we saw looked historic, even the homes. Just Amazing...

I definitely can't wait to visit Richmond again and visit their museums. Have you guys been to Richmond? If so, where are your favorite places to visit there?

The lovely couple that made our visit to Richmond very pleasant. 

Thank you for stopping by..

XOXO, Yé..

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