The Kasunmus: First Look

Do You Know What Today is? It's OUR ANNIVERSARY, ANNIVERSARY! Yaaaaassss.. It's Officially Our 1 Year Anniversary and I Am Super Pumped Right Now. On 9.6.15, I married my king. One of my best friends asked me how I would describe our first year marriage.. and I really couldn't put it into words, so I said Exciting.  It has been an amazing year (we thank God)... One thing I think we learned this year is how to really work as a team and support each other. I thank God for our first year of married and pray we celebrate many many many more in Jesus name. Amen!

In the pictures below, I'm sharing Our First Look.. First looks are when the bride and the groom see each other before the church ceremony. Ola and I decided to do a first look and even take pictures before the ceremony so that we can save time and also take our time with pictures. Nigerian wedding ceremonies sometimes takes longer than planned, which leaves less time for pictures after. 

Ola's Gift to Me.. I've added a few charms since then.

Everyone of these ladies are my sisters.. either biologically, friendship, and marriage. So glad to have them beside me.

Putting them to work. haha

Ola's gift to his sports loving groomsmen

Showing him my dress

Our Tribe

Planner & Deco: J. GarnerPhotographer: ChristopherJason StudiosDress: Matthew ChristopherHair: Mariam J.
Suit: Suit Supply


  1. I love these photos! Congratulations :) You both look so happy together.

  2. Gorgeous pictures! You looked stunning on your wedding day. Happy anniversary!

  3. You had THE most beautiful Wedding!


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