DC Nights: Ankara Jumpsuit

What I Wore: Ankara Jumpsuit 
McCall's Pattern 6969

Hi Everyone! I wanted to quickly give a review about this fabulous ankara jumpsuit I made. I actually made it about a week or two ago but didn't have anywhere to wear it to, until this weekend. Ola "#thebae" and I went to DC to celebrate one of my friends' birthday. After the birthday dinner, at SEI, Ola and I decided to take a stroll at the National Mall. I love walking at the National Mall at night, it's pretty quiet and peaceful. My friends and I used to hang out there a lot when I lived in NoVA. So I was super excited to share that experience with Ola.

Ok back to the jumpsuit.. It is semi-fitted with a front button closure. It has elastic at the waist and lower edge. I cut out a size XS of view C. It was pretty easy to make and the directions were pretty straight forward. My favorite part of the jumpsuit was having the elastic at the hem of the pants. It made the whole outfit look super hip. 

Fabric Used: Ankara

Pattern Alteration: I didn't change anything on the pattern, but after I put on the jumpsuit, I didn't like the look with the top button closed. So I opened it and fold both sides over to make a lapel. the way, I made my jumpsuit using the Juki Excite HZL-G210

Photo Credit: Olumaechi Fotos

Jumpsuit: DiY - M6969 || Aviator: JCPenney || Jacket: Papaya || Shoes: Betsey Johnson

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Pictures by the Washington Monument

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  1. Oh you enabler lol, your about to make me get that sewing machine. Its so cute love it. Gotta start on my jumpsuit. Send out a prayer for me lol.

    1. Lol sending prayers and blessings your way.. The jumpsuit was so fun to wear, you should definitely make one. I thought it would look like some pajamas at first, cuz of the prints, but after I styled it, I felt better about it.

  2. Loved this blog posting. Very cool shots of your fabulous jumpsuit! Looks great on you and totally agree the elastic at the ankles makes this totally cute!

  3. Oh my goodness, you look amazing! Perfect fit, good job!

  4. thats super cute. I love a good jumpsuit


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