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What I Wore: TUM Showcase Event

Happy New Week, Loves!! Hope you guys had an amazing and blessed weekend. Mine was somewhat eventful, did some sewing of course, shopping, went to a friend's bowling party, church on Sunday, and attended The Urban Marketplace (TUM) showcase event. 

I wore this beautiful polka dot dress (details at the bottom) and pair it with one of my favorite red shoes. Before I go on, I did not make this dress. This dress was so comfortable and fun to wear, I had to blog about it. It was definitely twirl-worthy and I couldn't stop twirling. :)

Quick Note/Note to Self: DO NOT WORRY (Matthew 6:25-34)
So I wanted to share this passage with you guys because it is something that has helped me over the years and continues to help me. And they preached about it at church yesterday, so it was a perfect reminder for me. The thing is that I am not a worrier, at least I try not to be. I usually just pray about things and leave in God's hands. These verses especially are my reminder that I shouldn't worry about anything; not about my life/family/job, what I'll eat/wear, where I'll sleep, if I'll have money to pay for something, if I'll get re-married, and definitely not about my future ...This passage is a reminder that God knows ALL of my needs and He will provide these things for me as long as I Seek HIM First. So please, read those verses over and over if you have to and whenever you feel like you're starting to worry about something, read it again. I promise you it will change your life and those around you. 

Okay, back to twirling...

photo credit: Olumaechi

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  1. Great dress! Also, re-married??? You look like a teenager!

    Anyhoo, 'Do not worry' is a great thought. Even for the non-religious, it's clear that a fair amount of life is out of our hands, so worrying about the specifics is fruitless. That being said, I think we are hardwired to worry! So it's a real struggle to relax.

    1. Thank you! Lol Thank God for good genes.. I'm actually in my 30s. ;)


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