So this summer was definitely one of those really HOT summers, when you feel like doing nothing because it is soooo hot outside. The day I took these pictures... I literally got dressed because we were supposed to go to an event in DC, then I stepped outside and couldn't breath. The in-between takes of these pictures consist of me trying to catch my breath. And as soon as we were done taking pictures, I turned myself around and went right back inside.. There was no way I was going to that event in that weather. The event was an outside event too.. 

The top I'm wearing was made by me 2 years ago (Pattern Review).. I wore it on the Philly Fabric Tour with Sassy Sewer. It's a super cute summer top with a crossed back. I paired it with some boy friend short jeans, leather bag I purchased while in Greece, and wedges. 

What are you doing to stay cool this summer?

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  1. Very beautiful top! I love the color. Yes, it's definitely been a hot summer - I can't wait for winter.

  2. Cute! It looks like a fun and easy summer tank to make.


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