Brights + Bites

No Beauty Shines Brighter than that of a GOOD HEART 

Hi Everyone! Hope you're had a wonderful weekend. I had an eventful one. Went to a Pop Up Shop held by Hanuel and Kicheko Goods (Brights and Bites Event), Ola purchased his suit for the wedding (ayeee), saw Sinach perform Live, and went to a Surprise Graduation Party. I just wanted to share what I wore to the Pop Up Shop with you. Also, I'm back to sewing for myself, I'm still trying to find a balance between my profession, blogging, store, wedding planning, and making sure I don't slack spiritually. Anyway, I have a pattern review coming up soon so stay tuned. ;)

I went to the Pop Up Shop with my super supportive BFF/Sister. We didn't plan to match.. but we were not surprise because this happened a lot while we were in high school. We just always end up matching (sometimes on purpose). :) 

JC Penny Aviators
Trendsetter Halter Top
Asos Skirt
JustFab Floral Pumps
Hanuel Eau De Paris Clutch and Bracelet

Picture from the event...

These cupcakes from Cake Blossom looked too good to eat. We thought it was decorations at first. They were delicious too.

with the founders of Hanuel (left) and Kicheko Goods (right)


  1. Oh and I love your purse - meant to say that on IG. You look adorbs as usual :)

  2. Love the color combo with those pumps.

  3. You look absolutely fab Sis!! Yay to Ola's Tux! Somebody gettin Murried ;o)

  4. Love this!!! Thank you for this wonderful post, Yetunde. We're so thankful for your friendship & support!


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