Happy New Month Everyone! Can you believe it's February already? Wow.. Before we know it, summer will be here and I can sew more summer clothes. ;) Some of you ladies have asked me where some of the fabric I sew is from. So I wanted to introduce to you my favorite Wax Print Fabric maker/designer, Vlisco! Vlisco, the true original, is part of The Vlisco Group that consist of four fashion textile brands; which are Vlisco, Woodin, Uniwax, and GTP. Vlisco was established in 1846 in Holland (a place I'd love to visit one day), and it's known as the originator of African Print. Vlisco is all about uniqueness, innovation, and sophistication. I'm always excited to see their new collections and the ideas behind it. 

This year already, they have launched a new brand campaign that focuses on the intimate relationship they have with their African consumers. They have also launched a new fabric collection called THINK. The 'Think' Collection is inspired by the architectural and minimalistic world of Bauhaus, one of the first schools of design in Germany. Per Vlisco, ‘Think’ inspires women to follow their mind’s eye and give it free reign to create an outfit that fits their heart’s desire perfectly. This collection allows you to explore your creativity and think outside the box. Below I've listed some of my favorite fabric from the 'Think' collection. Click on the picture to see more details about each fabric. 

 Shop the 'Think' collection here 

View Inspiration / Lookbook here


Photo credit: Vlisco

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  1. I always admire the fabric. What’s not to like? I wish they would give some information about the clothing construction or the patterns that they used. The designs are fab!

    1. You're right! They are working on something like that, which will be announced soon. Make sure you sign up for their newsletter.. ;)

    2. They have posted the surprise I was talking about.. It's called the Prêt-à-Créer gift set. It's a gift set that contains fabrics, pattern, and a zipper. Check it out on

  2. The 3rd and 4th and the last print I am so in love


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