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Travel: Akron/Cleveland, Ohio

For those that do not know, I went to school in Ohio. I attended The University of Akron (Go Zips!!!) and graduated in 2005. 2.5 years after graduation I moved from Ohio to Virginia. Because I have developed lifetime friendship with some of my college friends and I have a goddaughter that resides in Akron, Ohio, I still visit Ohio at least once every 2 years. It used to be once a year, but most of my friends have moved away from there to other states. Since I graduated, I never really been back on campus. I hear about all the changes (like new football field, buildings, gym...) they've made on campus but I haven't really seen it. So for the 4th of July weekend, I decided to take the Mr. on a tour of my old stomping ground, since he has never been to Ohio. This also gave me the chance to see all the changes that have been made on campus.

People always ask me how did I end up in Ohio.. My answer to them, My Dad! He graduated from The University of Dayton, so he knew a lot about Ohio and about the colleges. He was the one that advised me to go to The University of Akron because UA had a great College of Nursing (Yea, that used to be my major). So going back to UA/Ohio this past weekend wasn't only for a tour or to see my friends, it ended up also being for the remembrance of my Dad. (I miss him so much.) :(

 My Dad drove me from MD to OH, and moved me into my first dorm (Bulger Hall) in college. After I was all moved in, my dad said goodbye and was about to leave me all by myself, at the age of 17, in Ohio. I remembered crying my butt off because I didn't want him to leave. I cried so hard I made myself sick. smh. But my Dad ended leaving anyway.. so I thought.

The JAR! My very first class at UA was held here.. It was a writing class.
On my way to class, on the first day, I noticed a familiar face standing in front of the building. It was my Dad, He Came Back, He Never Left!! I had this huge smile on my face, then I got embarrassed because I realized my Dad was standing in front of my class!!! I felt like a 5 year old with her dad dropping her off at school on the first day. Looking back now, I'm so grateful that he did that. That was probably one of the most cherished moments of my life. 
Okay Back to the pics of my beautiful campus.. 

Double Bond Sculpture

The New Football Field

We also went to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Lock 3 (Downtown Akron for the Fireworks), Voinovich Park, and The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.



Lock 3; Downtown Akron

Photographs by Olumaechi.

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  1. Lovely campus! It's awesome that you can cherish the fond memories you had with your dad. At times like these, they matter the most. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your dad sounds like a wonderful man. So sorry to hear of his passing. You were in my neck of the woods! I live on the west side of Cleveland (about one hour from Akron U). Cleveland/Akron area is a great place. Lots to see and do. Looks like you had a great time. BTW-I purchased some fabric from you--can't wait to get it.

    1. Yes, he was.. Oh yea, I love Cleveland/Akron. Glad Lebron is going back. :) Thank you so much for your purchase. I'm mailing the fabrics in the morning.


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