Travel: Philly Fabric Tour

Last week, I had a chance to go on a Fabric Tour in Philadelphia, with The Sassy Sewer.. It was an amazing experience.. I spent a lot of money on Fabric, but not as much as I thought I would have spent. So I'm good. Lol I went with my sewing instructor (Blondell), her sewing friends, and other Sassy Sewer students. It was great to be on the trip with ladies that have an extensive knowledge in sewing.. Every time I'm around them, I just watch, pay attention, and soak in all the knowledge they're sharing. I learned a lot from them and I love the fact that I can share ideas with them and they give me feedback. 

The first place we went to was Fabric Mart, in Reading, PA.. :D I love that place. They are so nice, friendly, and helpful. I've ordered fabric from Fabric Mart before, online, but going to their store was a different experience. First of all, the deals and special offers they had in store were unbelievable and no shipping. They had beautiful fabric starting at $1.99 per yard, which I took advantage of. ;) My favorite fabric I purchased from them this weekend was a Red Clay and Gray striped fabric by Marc Jacobs (currently $4.00/yrd online). I was advised to make the coat below with this fabric, so stay tuned. :D

Another highlight of the day was that one of my sew-sisters, Chinelo of My Style Oasis met us and toured Fabric Row with us. This was my first time meeting her in person. We met on Instagram and became "insta-friends" because of our love for sewing. Chinelo is a amazing woman of God and she's so talented, make sure you check out her Blog (My Style Oasis), Shop (Style Oasis), and Instagram Page

While at Fabric Row, we stopped at probably 10 or so stores. One of my favorite store was "Fabric on 4th". I liked this store because all the fabric were so organized and beautiful. 5 secs after walking in the store, I went to the wall of fabric and started spinning. LOL (don't judge me). It was like Fabric Heaven, and the place just make you feel happy. After I was done spinning, my fellow sew-sisters, Chinelo and Marcella joined me and we started dancing. LOL It was so much fun being in that store. Check them out if you're ever on Fabric Row. 

{photo credit: Chinelo}

By the way, Marcella (left) and I went to High School together and I haven't seen her (in-person) since probably our HS graduation, which was over a decade ago. It was nice seeing her again and catching up; and also meeting Chinelo for the first time. #usies

{photo credit: Chinelo}

Our last fabric stop was at Jomar's. I'll be honest, when I first stepped into the store, I wasn't sure if I would find something I'd like. I walked around the whole store and nothing caught my eye, until the last minute. I ended up walking out of Jomar with 7 different fabric all at $2.00 per yard. #winning

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Thank you so much for stopping by. Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. That looks like an amazing trip!
    And 8 zips for $2?!?! I hope you got at LEAST 10 dollars worth lool

    1. Unfortunately I only got $2 worth.. By the time I found the 8 I liked, I was tired of looking through the bin. lol

  2. I had such a great time with the ladies. We should go back in the fall.


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