Purple Tulip Iro and Buba

Happy Memorial Day, Everyone! Hope you guys are enjoying your day.. Thankful for every brave soldier who faithfully and willingly give everything to protect our country. May God Bless you and your family.

Okay, regarding this Iro and Buba, this would be my second time making it. I explained the pattern I used and how to wrap the Tulip style Iro HERE

 I used Vogue 8984 (V8984), view B, as the Buba (Top). And for the Iro (wrapper), I cut 2 1/2 yards of fabric (this time) and hemmed the Cut-Ends so that it won't fray. I couldn't find the exact fabric I used but here are so choices you can choose from (Option 1 + Option 2)

Below is the Iro (wrapper) tied as a long skirt..

And here is the Iro (wrapper) tied as a midi skirt.. Love that you can change up the style a little. 

Have a great week everyone.. Be Blessed!


  1. Beautiful colours, i love the long skirt style more.

    1. Thank you!.. Me too. I wore it as a long skirt to church, then switched it up after, for dinner.

  2. Yetunde, this is BEAUTIFUL! I'm thinking of sewing one with the larger neckline so that it sags casually over the shoulder. How should I adjust the pattern to create that look? Wonderful job and thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you, Ama! To make the off shoulder, you'll have to make the neckline wider.. Measure your shoulders (from shoulder to shoulder) and minus 2 inches, this would be your new neckline. Here is a video that might help. Hope it helps...


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