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Happy Sunday Loves!! Hope you guys are having a wonderful Sunday.. 

 So I've been trying to learn pattern-making for a while now, and let me tell you, it has not been easy. About a few months ago, I decided to put what I've learned so far into practice. I wanted to make a simple top that I can wear on a pair of jeans or skirt. Even though I wanted it to be extremely easy to make, I still wanted it to have something that makes it different/unique, so I decided to make the sleeves different (see pic below). I was also going to add curves to the side seam on the hem, but I changed my mind.

 After I finished making the patterns, a few months back, I ended up putting it aside and making it a PhD (Project Half Done) project. 

 Fast forwarding to about a week ago, I was in the middle of making a peplum jacket for PrettyGirlsSew Jan/Feb Sew-Along… The jacket was taking forever to make (still not done) that I decided that I want to make something that is quick and can give me an instant gratification. I looked back at my fabric stash and saw the Top pattern I created sitting on top of the fabric and some Kente fabric (from Joann Fabric) right next to it. Below is what I made. 


…btw my hair was done by Monica from Contact 410.908.7027
Check her out.. I am definitely a Happy MRM Tress Client!


  1. Gorgeous as always!!
    First I need a sewing date with u, then I need 2 buy mi a real good human hair...
    Lovely Lovely!!!

    1. Thank you! I'm ready for for the sewing date whenever you are. :)

  2. Great job!! This turned out beautifully, I really like the sleeves

  3. Nice! I'm still yet to learn pattern drafting. I usually just alter patterns to fit my idea. Great job!

    P.s.: That peplum blazer does seem like a lot of work! Can't wait to see your finished work!


    1. Thanks! My plan is to finish the blazer today after work. We shall see.

  4. So cute!! This might be your calling girl!! Love the design!!!


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