Think Pink + Black Dress

I'm an usher at my church, God's Remnant Assembly (GRA). As ushers, we try to be unified in everything we do, which includes the color(s) we wear on Sundays. Two weeks ago, I received a text saying that the colors for the following Sunday is Pink and Black. Immediately, I got an idea to make a Pink and Black dress. :)

I used the Simplicity Pattern 1650, which I already had in my Pattern stash. Lol. I love this pattern because of the fit and peplum. You can make this dress in so many different styles, mixing different fabrics, colors and prints. It came with two different necklines options, three different sleeves options, two different peplum styles, and two different length options. I decided to go with the V-Neck neckline, pleated peplum, and knee length skirt. I also made only the front bodice, sleeves, peplum in the pink fabric. It came out great. I can't wait to make it again and again. Lol.

I cut out the pattern one size too small, didn't figure it out until it was time for fitting. But thank God there was a solution... Instead of a 5/8 of an inch seam allowance, I had to reduce it to a 1/4 inch seam allowance on the sides. The final result was a perfect fit. Whew...


  1. this is very creative!!

    P.S. love the new design of the website!!

  2. I love the Logo... Prince Zamira


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