Kente Skirt w/ Sash

At the beginning of February, I decided that I wanted to challenge myself even more. I decide that I'll start doing one challenge a month and sew/make something new outside of what I'm already working on in my sewing class.

While trying to figure out what to make, I came across a Maxi Skirt tutorial that stood out to me, so I decided that it would be my "February Challenge". I used this Ghanaian Fabric called Kente I saw at Joann Fabric. I knew it would be perfect for the skirt and different. Instead of making the maxi skirt, I decide to make the skirt knee length. Loved it!!! I wore it to church and was so exited to show it off.

A week later, my mom wanted me to make her one with the same fabric.

Skirt Info:
Fabric: Joann Fabric (purchased 3 yards)


  1. yetunde,can u pls send me atutorial for mimi g's regal maxi skirt?

  2. You would have to purchase it from Mimi's site..


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