Learn to Sew

Learning to sew was one of the items on my "Queen's Grand Adventure". I wasn't even planning on learning to sew until I purchased a sewing machine.., which I still don't have yet. One day at work, I was thinking about what outfit to wear to Fest Africa 2011, which was less than a week away. I decided that I wanted to wear something "African", preferably a skirt and tank top. I knew it was too late to find a tailor and I also didn't want to pay for someone to make me a skirt. So, I decided to google "How to sew a skirt". I watched a lot of videos on sewing pencil skirts, pleated skirts, hemming, and hand stitching.. I went to Walmart after work, bought what I needed, and that was the beginning of my new found hobby.. SEWING. ;)

Skirt #1 (Pencil Skirt) 

Skirt #2 (Pleated Skirt) Worn to Fest Africa

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