Dry Eraser Board Makeover

Hi Everyone.. I just wanted to quickly share this mini diy project I did last week with you. I've had this dry erase board since earlier this year when I "borrowed" it from Ola's apartment during wedding planning. Since we got married, I've been using it to plan my day-to-day activities in my sewing studio. Mind you, the color theme for my sewing studio is white, black, and a hint of gold. So I knew I had to do something to this dry erase board so it can fit in. 

I came across an office diy video on YouTube by Shirley Eniang and thought I'd give it a try.. It was pretty easy to do and I love the result.

Below are the items I used for my diy.. I had to substitute some items with things I already have.
  • Dry Erase Board
  • White paint
  • Painter's tape (I used regular ol' scotch tape)
  • Scissors 
  • Paint Brush
  • Sharpie
  • Ruler
  • Lastly dry erase board markers

OFFICE DIY Video by Shirley Eniang


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