Travel: DIY Pencil Skirt Swimwear Cover-Up


A couple of weeks ago I was scrolling through the Instagram pics from the people I follow and noticed a picture of Rihanna in a bikini wearing a white-mesh tube/pencil skirt cover-up. I thought it was cute, a neat way to cover-up without really covering up. It was different... So I saved the pic in my "To Make" pile... 
A few days later, I walked into Joann Fabric looking for patterns sale and the first thing that caught my eye was this white-mesh knit fabric. WINNING!!!. I knew exactly what I was going to sew with it, so I purchased a yard of it. 

I didn't use any patterns to make the cover-up. Here is exactly what I did..

1. Folded the fabric with right sides together.
2. Measured my waist and divided it by 2, and added 1 1/2 inch (for seam allowance and ease)
3. I measured the fabric (from the folded edge to the selvage) using the measurement from step 2, then I marked it. 
4. I decided how long I wanted the skirt and measured down from the previous measurement. 
5. The bottom of the skirt was the same measurement as the waist measurement.  (After cutting, u should have a rectangle shape fabric). 
6. I serged the skirt together on the sides.*
7. Also serged a 1 1/2 inch elastic to the waist.* 
8. Hemmed the bottom of the skirt and voila! I have a "white-mesh tube/pencil skirt cover-up."

*If you do not have a serger, you can use the zig-zag stiches on your sewing machine.
If the instructions are not clear and you need me to explain further, I'd be glad to. 

I also made the swimwear I have on. I used the same pattern from the DIY Zebra Print Swimwear I made a week or so ago, but I used Kente Cloth/Fabric for the bra top. 

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