Level Five Sewing Project via YCMI/Sassy Sewer

In the "You Can Make It" (YCMI) sewing program (at the Sassy Sewer), you'll learn all about making PANTS when you get to Level Five. You'll also learn how to make the pants fit, invisible zippers, pockets, buttonholes, belt loops, and so on.

I chose to make denim/jeans pants instead of regular work pants because I knew it was going to be more challenging. I chose McCall Pattern 6610 (view A) for my project. Before making the pants, I had to make a sample pants using muslin, for fitting purposes. After fitting the muslin pants perfectly, I reconstruct my pattern based on the muslin and then cut out my correct pattern size on the denim fabric. For the pockets, I used an Ankara Fabric (Wax Print) as the lining. 

The only challenge I came across was making the "fly". It was not as easy as I thought it'd be. In my first attempt to make the fly, I sewed the fly to the front of the pants and couldn't open the zipper. Lol. But thank God I did the muslin first before actually sewing the actual fabric. I quickly realized my mistake and corrected it.

Can't wait to make another pair of pants/jeans.. But not doing that anytime soon. Lol

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  1. Fly front zippers aren't the easiest, but you did it! Your pants look and fit great!


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