1st Best Day in 2012 & Shooting Range

So, I have some AWESOME friends... I'm totally blessed and I am grateful for each and every one of these ladies. My 29th birthday fell on a Tuesday (workday), and some of my friends weren't available to celebrate it with me. Sooooo, on January 14th, they decided to surprise me with a trip to the Shooting Range!!!!! Yeah Baby!!! Lol Going to the shooting range is something I've been wanting to do for thee longest (see Queen's Grand Adventure). So, thanks to these wonderful ladies.. I can now cross that OFF my list. :)


That's me handling a 9 Millimeter.. Don't mess with The Queen! :) Nah Seriously..
Yeah, I know.. I shoot like a girl.. And I didn't miss. ;)

As if the day wasn't PERFECT already.. They surprised me AGAIN at my apartment... with Cake!
That day was one of the best days of my life. I told Alice that it felt like I was proposed too all over again. LOL I was on Cloud 29 and I didn't want to come down. 
My Friends are Better Than Yours.. 
LOL Good Times..

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