2011: The Year of Firsts and Beaches

Oh wow.. 2011 is about to be over soon.. Looking back, I can HONESTLY say. "IT WAS ABSOLUTELY GREAT!!!!!" I did more than I expected to do. My only goal for 2011 was to be More Open Minded, nothing else. Because of it, I met so many people that I now call friends, traveled, and opened myself up for great opportunities. I am grateful to God for allowing me to see this year through, this was definitely the year of Celebration. Checkout the highlights of some of the wonderful things that happened to me, my friends, and family in 2011. I'm sure I'm leaving some things out, but Enjoy!

JANUARY: I had the opportunity to attend the BET Honors. Thanks to my sister and friend, Tracy. This was my 2nd time going. I saw a lot of Celebs and even took a pic with Guy (a  hip hop, R&B and soul band). :) Also in January, a good friend of mine, Richy, got engaged.. the African way. Lol

FEBRUARY: I tried Ethiopian food for the first time.. It was really gooood and filling.

MARCH: ???

APRIL: Went on my first blind date with this lawyer dude.. It didn't work out. Also in April, I got the chance to visit/tour Manhattan, NY for the first time. I went with my good friend, Chi. Side Note: Still waiting on her to upload pics. Haha. While in NY, I saw my first Broadway show called Memphis..It was an awesome production. Back in DC, at The Park at  Fourteenth, I saw Angie Stone and Jon B performed. Btw, Jon B is so humble and such a nice person. Tracy and I got to ride in the car with him on his way back to the airport. April was also the first time I watched the sunrise at the National Mall in DC. I was a magnificent sight.

MAY: I saw Raheem Devaughn, Musiq Soul Child, and Tank performed.. Saw my friend Wale for the first time since 1990. Wale and I grew up together back in Nigeria.. My brother got his Master's and his picture (a pic he took) was used on the cover of African Bride Magazine [Premier Issue].. And most importantly my baby sister got married to the love of her life. The wedding was AMAZING, very classy. She was absolutely gorgeous... Finished up May with my wolf pack by attending an All White Memorial day party.. We did it VIP style, even though some of us don't drink. We really went all out for that  party. We hired a make-up artist, had our dresses made, and almost ride in a limo. Lol

JUNE: Baby Sis graduated from Medical School.. and My Sister-Friend, Syl, got married to her best friend.

JULY: My first trip to Atlantic City, Virginia Beach, and Sandy Point Beach.. I promise I didn't gamble in AC. Lol  I visited Georgetown, DC for the first time and did some Shopping. <-- My fav thing in the world. ;) Also in July, I attended a Speed Dating event, another first. It was pretty interesting, met some "interesting" people. That's all I'm going to say. Oh I also taught myself to sew, by hand.

AUGUST: First time to Gunpowder Beach for a friend's cookout..

SEPTEMBER: Saw the Sunrise and Sunset on the same day. It was an Awesome experience. Also I tried the Wet and Wavy sew-ins for the first time. SMH Never again..

OCTOBER: Visited the MLK Memorial.. If you haven't yet, you definitely should... Also, visited Nashville, TN for the first time to witnessed my Step Sis get married. And lastly, I got PROMOTED.. #Winning ;)


DECEMBER: Best Month Ever!!! Saw another Broadway show called the Black Nativity. Went to Georgetown Cupcake (aka DC Cupcake) for the first time. They have the best cupcakes ever!! They're so good the melt in your mouth, seriously. Lastly, I TURNED 29.. God is GOOD!

THE END... of 2011. Looking forward to everything that 2012 has in store. I really give God ALL the Glory. I am Truly Blessed.

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