28 Life Lessons I’ve Learned in 28 Years

Not in any particular order...
  1. Always Put GOD First
  2. Time is too Precious to watse.
  3. Stay Humble.
  4. Material things are worthless
  5. K.I.S.S. [Keep It Simple Stupid]
  6. Enjoy Life to the Fullest
  7. Goals are very Important
  8. Live in each Moment
  9. Always say what you mean
  10. Mean what you say
  11. Be Different
  12. Be true to yourself and others
  13. Do everything you put your hands on with Love
  14. Believe in Yourself
  15. Don't be afraid to make mistakes
  16. Be Healthy
  17. Don't hold Grudges
  18. Give
  19. Be Thankful
  20. Relax
  21. Take Risks
  22. Keep Learning
  23. Avoid Drama
  24. Smile Always
  25. Budget
  26. Don't worry about what others think of you
  27. Let your life be an example
  28. Don't be a follower; Be YOU! It's Sexy.. ;)

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